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"...defiantly the work of one eccentric genius."
~ Greg Quill Toronto Star

"He's a mad scientist of music and a great songwriter... he's finally done it with this one - there's something magical about it"  ~ Jenny Whiteley

"Campfire may just be the best folk album you've never heard" ~ Brent Raynor, NOW Magazine


“IF IT RAINS”, 2001

"Emotional, image-laden ballads of love, regret, and two-lane highways. Songwriting is his calling card."
~ Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail

"There are few that can pen a dozen great songs every time he/she decides to record another CD. Melwood Cutlery has done that.” ~ Steve Fruitman, CIUT  

"One of Cutlery's most intimate sounding works"
~ Lynn Saxberg - Ottawa Citizen


"Roots rock magic from the barest essentials"~ Lenny Stoute, Toronto Star

"The gorgeously melodic and unfogettable folk-oriented Remember Me ... is one of those rare songs that - as soon as you hear it - assumes the instant stature of a classic"
~ Wolfgang Dios, Access Magazine



Melwood's first independent release recorded in Ottawa in 1988 with the Fashion Plates. This album features mostly pop/rock material written by Melwood for the band with the exception of the last track Ways of a Woman which features Melwood solo on acoustic guitar and harmonica. Imagination received airplay on campus stations as far away as Switzerland.

Melwood’s latest album       Home in The Country  is now available!

“The recording of these songs coincided with the demise of the Ontario Northland Train. I was fortunate enough to ride the last run from Bracebridge station to Cobalt and back, in late September of 2012. (having travelled on to Cochrane and Moosenee, the previous year, on Thanksgiving weekend) 

It was a sad day seeing the mournful expressions on the faces of those who'd been riding the trains through multiple decades of use, the cars and platforms were packed with workers, photographers, journalists, microphones, and politicians alike, including the mayor of Cochrane, Peter Politis, with whom I spoke briefly as he fielded interviewers queries via the internet. As it turns out, "engineer" Dave Draves, a Cochrane lad himself, played piano on the Polar Bear Express for years, and so was as deflated as I to see the Northlander go. So as a result , we are dedicating these recordings to the people who rode the "Northlander", and offer our most staunch support to the people of the north in getting the Northland Train back. We believe in you!”


Featuring the musical talent of:

Fred Guignion, Dave Draves, Dan Whiteley, Pat Giunta & Ian Cook

with vocal cameos by

Emily Fennell, Lynn Miles, Chester Rose, Dave Draves & Johnny Scratch


Click to listen to track #3

“I Believe in You” from the new CD